Query V$ views
------------------          Dynamic V$ Performance Tables          ------------------

-- v$db_object_cache
select substr(dos.owner,1,10) dosowner, substr(doc.name,1,30) docname, 
	dos.source_size+dos.code_size+dos.parsed_size+dos.error_size total_bytes 
from dba_object_size dos, v$db_object_cache doc 
where dos.name = doc.name 
    	and doc.type = dos.type 
order by total_bytes desc;

-- v$fixed_view_definition - view of all v$ views available
select view_name from v$fixed_view_definition where view_name like 'V$%'

-- v$parameter
select * from v$parameter where name like 'utl%';

-- v$session
select osuser, program, machine, count(*) 
from v$session where program = 'SQLPROGRAMMER32.EXE' 
group by osuser, program, machine;