Statspack - Quick reference
-- Create statspack (in SQLPlus as sys)
sqlplus /nolog
connect internal

-- Start a snapshot
sqlplus perfstat/perfstat
execute statspack.snap

-- End snapshot
connect perfstat/perfstat
execute statspack.snap

-- List snapshots

-- Generate a report
cd to the directory where you want the report written to
sqlplus perfstat/perfstat

At this point, you'll be prompted for a start snapid, an end snapid and a report name

-- The statspack scripts
sppurge.sql  - Purge a range of Snapshot Id's between the specified begin and end Snap Id's 
spauto.sql   - Schedule a dbms_job to automate the collection of STATPACK statistics 
spcreate.sql - Installs the STATSPACK user, tables and package on a database (Run as SYS). 
spdrop.sql   - Deinstall STATSPACK from database (Run as SYS) 
sppurge.sql  - Delete a range of Snapshot Id's from the database 
spreport.sql - Report on differences between values recorded in two snapshots 
sptrunc.sql  - Truncates all data in Statspack tables