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ASP With Oracle



ADRCI - quick reference

Archived and redo logs - Examples

Archived and redo logs - redos

Archived and redo logs - Resize redos

Auditing Database Connections and more

Cloning 11g Database in Windows

Cloud Control - change timeout

Compile a package/package body

Create a dblink under a different user

Database Name - Display and add to SQL*Plus Prompt

Datafiles - Rename

Date and time - Examples of processing

dbms_application_info package - Using the

dbms_job package - Examples of using

dbms_space.unused_space - Finding unused space for a table

dbms_stats and Collecting Database Stastics

DBMS_STATS Save Statistics before Gather

DDL - Examples to get object ddl via dbms_metadata

Disable Bind Peaking

Display Audit Trail Info in 12c

Display Number of CPUs on Host

External Table - Example

FRA - Move

Get/Set DBMS_STATS Parameters

How to fix : PLAN_TABLE is old version

List Oracle installed products

LOBS Queries

Managing profiles

NLS Parameters

Objects - Show used/unused space information for a specific object

orapwd - Oracle password file

Query DBA views

Query V$ views

Quick test to verify that Oracle Text works

Recompile Invalid Objects in PDB$SEED 12c

Rollback Segments - Managing

Semaphores - setting systems parameters

Show tablespace space usage

Space Management

sqlnet.ora 12.2 example

Table Monitoring

Upgrade 12.1 to 12.2

User - Resolve lock or expired password

Using Multiple Oracle Homes on Linux

Using Multiple Oracle Homes on Windows

V$License: Query the oracle license, current sessions and maximum sessions

Views - Displays text of views

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